The Girl Booker

The Girl Booker

Sunday, November 27, 2011

When Too Much Plenty Is Never Enough

Have I raved enough about Yotam Ottolenghi's book Plenty in my life? Probably not, because I could happily discuss it at length every single day and still not be sick of it. It is billed as vegetarian food for non or part-time vegetarians, but the actual vegetarians I know who use the book seem to be pretty happy with it too!

Everything I have cooked from it has turned out beautifully. Because one of our favourite topics of conversation at the bookshop is "Guess What I Made From Plenty Last Night?" I know that several other recipes I haven't cooked also work well. Anyway, here are my favourites (in no particular order):

"Caramelized fennel with goat's curd". Is there a word in that sentences that does not sound utterly divine? And what if I add the words dill, lemon zest and a touch of black pepper?

The recipe for "Fried butterbeans with feta, sorrel and sumac" has actually turned into my most produced standby meal. I follow the basic principle but mix up the ingredients depending on what is to hand. I almost always end up stirring through some quinoa and often replace the feta with Greek yoghurt.

The "Puy lentil galettes" (which I always make minus the galettes) are amaaaazing. Just the right balance of sharpness and creaminess and greeny freshness.

And the one recipe I keep looking at but have yet to make? Shakshuka. It looks incredible, but as it is a breakfast dish, I feel it demands a special occasion (ie a free weekend with no busyness but when I am not too tired to cook up a feast on Saturday morning. This occasion has yet to occur).

Seen here is the double page image of Shakshuka from the book that has my mouth drooling and my stomach rumbling every time I look at it. I promise to report back!

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