The Girl Booker

The Girl Booker

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Woman Wants A Working Internet Connection

I am beginning to realise how much I rely on the internet, even to talk about and think about books! I haven’t had proper access for about three weeks and found out yesterday it is going to be another two weeks before things get sorted. This means I have been a bad, bad, bad girlbooker. Naughty.

There are a couple of books I read weeks ago and have not posted on here. One of them is What Women Want by Nelly Thomas . I have certainly talked about this book a lot; it weaves its way into my conversations with family, friends and work colleagues on an almost daily basis. It’s a GREAT book – really interesting and insightful. In some ways it is an Australian version of the mega- amazingness that is Caitlin Moran’s How To Be a Woman. I think in terms of content it is a little better. Perhaps this is because both books are products of their environment, and I responded to the Aussieness of Thomas’ work in the same way that I felt a touch put off (at times) by Moran’s Brit-o-centric content. In terms of style I would give the prize to Moran. It is a more polished book (DISCLAIMER: I read a proof copy of What Women Want so can’t provide a completely fair comparison on this point) and felt like a smoother read. I think both these books have a very important place in today’s world; they are frank, thoughtful yet also entertaining discussions about the experiences of women in our society today. Can someone please write another one? – We need more!

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